The good thing about being a professional swimmer is the high calorie burn because of the intense workouts, which for me equals enjoying decadent food while on holiday, without too much guilt. This is particularly handy when you’re dining at some of the best restaurants in the world. From riverside cafe's in Prague to restaurants overlooking the ancient ruins of Rome, join me on my culinary journey as I tempt,tease and pamper my taste buds with everything delectable that the world has to offer !

Amseena,The Ritz Carlton

The United Arab Emirates cuisine is a reflection of a great Arabian heritage and vast exposure to civilizations over time. Ritz Carton’s Amseena celebrates this beautifully. Private bedouin tents cluster across the lawn creating a luxurious village-like feel. 

Mango Tree - Dubai

It’s the view I’d go here for, most of all, along with the fact that I enjoy Thai food. The place can be hard to find, so do get clear directions on how to get there to avoid getting lost in the meandering avenues up to the restaurant.